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No. 272 November 5 2013 

^ Produced by the Royal Borough of Greenwich 

ROYAL borough of _ . . ' 7- 

greenwich for the community for over 25 years 

Awards 2013 

Council of the Year 

What's in the 

Find out what they have to offer pi 2& 13 

by Dick Townsend-Smith 

THREE books containing hundreds of 
tributes to soldier Lee Rigby have been 
presented to his regiment on behalf of the 
people of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

They were handed over by the Mayor, Cllr 
Angela Cornforth, to the Royal Regiment 
of Fusiliers at their Tower of London 
headquarters last Monday 

Local people queued to sign the books at 
Woolwich Town Hall in Wellington Street 
after the death of Drummer Rigby in 
nearby John Wilson Street on May 22. 

Visitors from as far away as California, 
Spain and Australia left poignant tributes, 
alongside messages from serving soldiers, 
faith groups and ordinary local people. 

One said: “Such a waste of a young, 
innocent life. May your rest in peace.” 

Another said simply “You will never be 
forgotten, from a soldier’s family.” 

One was signed “from the mother of two 
soldiers in the Scots Guards”, and another 
came from “the mother of a new recruit”. 

Cllr Cornforth was joined by Lieutenant 
Colonel Bob Christopher and Major (Retd) 
Les Carr from the Royal Artillery Barracks 
in Woolwich to hand over the books 
to Secretary of the Royal Regiment of 
Fusiliers, Brigadier Ian Liles. 

Lt- Col Christopher, who commands 
the Woolwich barracks, said: “These kind 
messages of condolence will mean a great 
deal to Fusilier Rigby’s family, and it is 

Turn to P3 Z> 

to soldier 
handed to 
his regiment 





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• fenges and • AM mrancc work 

locks rt ftoccd undertake*) 


MOH 07830 025511 
Tol: 020 0057 0090 

November 5 2013 



Nick Raynsford (Lab) 


or write to Nick Raynsford MP, House 

of Commons, London SW1AOAA 

Call the office in advance on 020 7219 5895 to 

register for a surgery (lines are open Monday- 

Thursday 10am-12pm &2-4pm). 

2nd & 4th Fridays of the month, 7pm at 
32 Woolwich Road, Greenwich SE10 OJU. 

2nd Saturday of the month, 11am at Charlton 
House, Charlton Road, Charlton SE7 8RE. 

2nd Saturday of the month, 2pm at West 
Greenwich House, 141 Greenwich High Road, 
Greenwich SE10 8JA. 

4th Saturday of the month: 11am at the Barnfield 
Project, Oak House, Barnfield Road SE18 3UH. 

4th Saturday of the month, 2pm at Woolwich Town 
Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6PW. 


Clive Efford (Lab) 

Call for an appointment at the following monthly 
surgeries on 020-8850 5744 between 11am and 
3pm Mon-Fri. 

1st Tues: Anstridge Community Centre, Anstridge 

Rd. SE9, 10am-11.30pm 

1st Fri: Horn Park Community Centre, 

96 Sibthorpe Road, 1 lam-12. 30pm 
2nd Sat: St Mary's Community Centre, Eltham High 
Street, 10am, and 4th Friday of the month at 6pm. 
3rd Tues: Middle Park Community Centre, 

150 Middle Park Avenue, 


3rd Fri: Coldharbour Neighbourhood office, library 
entrance, William Barefoot Drive, 11am. 

4th Sat: Shrewsbury House, 10am, Bushmoor 


Teresa Pearce (Lab) 

All surgeries are booked by appointment by 
calling 020 7219 7068 or write to Teresa Pearce MP, 
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or email 
Four advice surgeries each month: the 1st Saturday 
of the month in Thamesmead, the 2nd Saturday of 
the month in Erith, the 3rd Friday of the month in 
Northumberland Heath and the 4th Friday of the 
month in Abbey Wood. 


Len Duvall (Lab) is the GLA member for 
Greenwich and Lewisham. Write to Len Duvall, 

GLA, City Hall, Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA; 
phone 020 7983 4517; or email 


Contact your MEP at the UK Office of the European 
Parliament on 0207227 4300. 


Contact Members' Services on 020-8921 5151 for 
information on the surgery times for your councillor. 


THE following meetings take place at the 
Town Hall, Wellington Street, unless stated 

Nov 6 - Eltham&Kidbrooke area planning 

committee,6.30pm, Eltham Centre 

Nov 12 Woolwich&Thamesmead area planning 


Nov 13 - Licensing sub committee B,6pm 

More information on 020 8921 5130 or at 


GT is produced by the 
Royal Borough 
of Greenwich, The 
Woolwich Centre, 
Wellington St, SE18 6HQ 
Phone: 020 8921 5916 
Email: greenwichtime@ 

Editor: Hilary Bryan 


Dick Townsend-Smith 

Simon Banks 
Ian Lamont 


Call Nicola on 
020 8921 5572 or 
020 8921 5033 


020 8940 0666 
or email sasha@ 

Write to: GT Letters, Communications Team, 
Woolwich Centre, Wellington Street, SE18 6HQ 
or email 
We reserve the right to edit any letters received. 


Plenty for the punter, 
but is it really right? 

I was having a very 
enjoyable cappuccino in 
the Coffee Lounge today, a 
great place to chill out in 

As I left, I stood awhile to 
admire the new General 
Gordon square and its water 

As I looked around I noticed 
that two betting shops also 
occupy space in the old 
Equitable building. 

I thought this was unusual 
to see... next door to each 

Then I realised just across 
the road were two more, on 
Greens End, less than 50 
yards from the first two. 
Without having to take a 
step in any direction I then 
spotted another in the old 
Barclays Bank building. 

And then a new one just 
about to open next door to 
the new Barclays Bank. 

To finish off I then spotted 
Corals on Beresford Square. 
Seven betting shops, without 
having to take one step. 

Is this Woolwich or Las 

Val Mansfield, Abbey Wood 

• The council shares your 
concerns regarding the 
clustering of betting shops 
in Woolwich. This is not only 
a problem in Woolwich. But 
unfortunately licensing law 
does not currently allow the 
council to take into account 
the number of betting shops 
already in the borough. 
Ultimately these issues can 
only be resolved by a change in 
national legislation. 

The royal borough recently 
refused a betting shop licence 
application in Greenwich and we 
await the outcome of the appeal. 
Councils all over the country 
urged the Government to change 
the law and let us cut down on 
the number of betting shops. 

Road sweeping troubles 

I LIVE on the Upper Brook 
Estate SE3, 1 have reported to 
Cleansweep the state of the 
roads and pavements on this 

I have noticed that, at 
the bottom of the estate, 
Carnbrook Road - where there 
is a council yard - the council 
sweeps that road every 
morning, but not the rest of 
the estate. 

If the roads and pavements 
are not swept, that is why we 
have weeds and grass growing 
in the kerbs and on the 

I would point out to the 
person who drew up this 
schedule, that most of us pay 
our council tax and is it too 
much to ask that our roads 
and pavements are swept 
once a week and kept 
clear of grass and 
weeds and free from 
the build up of dirt 
in the kerbs? 

It seems that no 
one has been out to 
address the problem. 

I was under the 
impression that 

• We are sorry that it's not up to 
the expected standard. The royal 
borough sweeps the estate and 
all the roads in the borough over 
the course of a week. 

Carnbrook Road is the only 
local road scheduled to be 
swept daily because of the 
number of visitors and shoppers. 
Operatives are instructed to 
litter pick all the greens at the 
end of each road weekly, except 
for the large play area, which is 
litter picked daily. 

Weeds on the estate were 
treated by the last contractor on 
July 23. 

The third and final weed 
treatment of the borough 
will be carried out by another 
contractor over the next three 
weeks; the weeds will die off and 
be removed thereafter. 

the roads AND 
pavements were 
to be swept once a 

HS Knight, Crossbrook 

OUR Star Letter writer wins a £30 
gift card to spend at Sainsbury's 
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November 5 2013 

Minister hails care project 

SUCCESS STORIES: Health minister 
Norman Lamb and Cllr John Fahy hear 
how Tom and Maureen were helped 

Patients praise joined up 
health and care thinking 

by Dick Townsend-Smith 

A PIONEERING project that provides 
‘joined up’ health and social care in 
the royal borough has been given 
top-level praise. 

Health minister Norman Lamb saw 
the success of the project at first hand 
when he visited the Memorial Hospital on 
Shooters Hill last Wednesday. 

The Government has declared 
Greenwich one of just 14 pioneer projects 
in the country which will spearhead 
the kind of integrated working that the 
Government wants to see nationwide. 

Mr Lamb said: “To hear these stories 
about people getting great care is very 
inspiring. I’m determined to get this 
sort of care everywhere. We can do 
things in a much smarter way like 
here in Greenwich, with people coming 

Builder Tom Ducey, 46, from Plumstead, 
had severe weight problems for two years, 
suffering leg ulcers and depression. 

He needed a zimmer fame to walk and 
couldn’t manage at home. He said: “It all 
started to change when my sister made 
just one phone call. 

“The health and social care people 
stepped in. They changed my life 
completely, giving me exercises to do, 
with physio and occupational therapy, 
and a diet plan. They kept with me to 
make sure I would be able to look after 

“Before they helped me I was more than 
40 stone and hadn’t worked for two years. 
I’ve now lost 21 stone and feel completely 
different and I’m determined to go back to 
my job. It’s an incredible service.” 

Maureen Luxford, 75, from Glendale 
Close, Eltham, faced going into 

residential care after heart surgery - 
until the service changed all that, with 
four daily visits. 

The former waitress said: “Immediately 
I came out of hospital the team came in 
to help me get up in the morning and get 
dressed, bring me lunch, and come again 
in the evening. It’s a wonderful service.” 

The system brings the borough’s health 
and social care professionals together, 
supported by the council and Greenwich 
Action for Voluntary Service. It has: 

• A joint emergency team (JET) that 
provides a fast response to prevent 
unnecessary admissions into A&E and 
rapid referrals for urgent social care 

• Community assessment and 
rehabilitation teams providing up to six 
weeks rehabilitation, then social care 

• An advanced dementia service with 
the Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust 
providing joined up services that help 
patients end their days at home 

• An integrated hospital team 
discharging people quickly to social care. 

The project has saved £2 million, halved 
the number of people sent for social 
care, saved £1 million in social care, and 
prevented many hospital admittances. 

Feedback says one in three people would 
have gone to A&E if the JET team had not 
been involved. A similar number would 

have continued to “struggle at home”. 

Cllr John Fahy, cabinet member for 
health, adults and older people, said: 
“We are delighted that the Government 
has recognised the innovative work. 

“Patients and their carers so often 
experience frustration at being passed 
between different agencies for different 
elements of their care and treatment. 

“To have all the agencies working 
together is already making a huge 
difference. To have voluntary groups 
involved is also making a big difference, 
as they play a key role in helping people 
to make the best use of local support 

with Lee's 

From page 1 C 

important that people see 
than the books have now 
been passed on.” 

Cllr Cornforth said: “Our 
links with the military go 
back generations, and the 
tragic killing of Drummer 
Lee Rigby here on the 
streets of Woolwich deeply 
affected everyone who lives 
or works in the borough. 

“Hundreds of people 
queued to sign the books 
of condolence at the Town 
Hall. I was honoured and 
humbled to present them 

to his regiment on behalf 
of our residents. 

“I’ve read all the 
condolences and I was very 
proud of the messages sent 
by people of the borough, 
in particular some of 
the messages from Lee’s 
friends. My thoughts are 
with his family at this sad 

The books will be handed 
to Fusilier Rigby’s family 
by his regiment. 

• Two men are due to 
stand trial at the Old 
Bailey shortly accused of 
murdering Lee Rigby. 

LASTING TRIBUTES: The Mayor with Major Les Carr and Lt Col Bob Christopher from the Woolwich Station, and Regimental Secretary Brigadier Ian Liles from the 
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 

November 5 2013 

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uir pUu ai to ^oo-. 




1 1 .30 23 00 MONDAY TO THURSDAY 
1 1 30-23.30 IHIOAY TO SATURDAY 

Nominations open 

THE royal borough has opened 
nominations for next year’s civic 

The awards - for individuals, 
organisations or businesses who have 
made an outstanding contribution 
to the social, economic and physical 
wellbeing of the borough - will be 
presented in March next year. 

Residents are being encouraged 
to send in nominations in nine 

• Volunteer of the Year - for an 
individual who has excelled in 
contributing to the community 
by giving freely of their time and 
demonstrated the value of volunteering 
in the borough 

• Young Achiever of the Year - for 
under 25s for sporting, artistic, cultural, 
educational or business achievement 

• Contribution to the Community 
Award-for an individual or organisation 
who has made a lasting contribution to 
the wellbeing of the borough 

• Business & Innovation Award - for 
an individual or business who has 
demonstrated entrepreneurship and 
success in building a business locally 

• Contribution to Economic Prosperity 
- for an organisation or project that 
has contributed to the improvement 
of the economy and the prospects of 
individuals in the borough. 

• Contribution to Culture, Sport 
and the Arts - for an individual 
or organisation that has achieved 
recognition and excellence in their 
field either in the borough or who 
has brought recognition to the royal 

• Contribution to Public Service in the 
Royal Borough - for an individual who 
has demonstrated excellence in public 
service to the residents of the borough. 

• Lifetime Achievement Award - for 
an individual or organisation who has 
made an outstanding contribution to 
the borough over an extended period of 
time (minimum 20 years). 

Nominations can be made online at 
www. royalgreenwich. 
civicawards or residents can complete 
the nomination form and send it in 
to the address on the form by Friday, 
January 10, 2014. 

An awards panel headed by the Mayor, 
Cllr Angela Cornforth, will select 
the winners who will be invited to an 
awards ceremony at the Woolwich 
Centre in March. 

Cllr Cornforth said: “We received 
an overwhelming number of 
nominations last year when we asked 
for nominations. 

“We’re hoping for a similar response 
this time around as the awards 
provide an opportunity for us all to 
recognise and reward local people 
who go the extra mile for their local 

LAST YEAR'S WINNERS: The borough's Civic Awards winners from earlier this year 

r — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — n 

iRoyal Borough of Greenwich Civic Awards 2013 i 
i Nomination form i 

1 Award category 1 

Nominee's name 

1 Address 1 

Telephone contact number 

Email address 

Email contact 

Reason for nominating individual or organisation (maximum 200 words): 


Name of person making the nomination: 

I Telephone contact number 

I Emailaddress 

I Email contact 

. Signature Date: 

| Send your forms to: 

^The Mayor's Office, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Town Hall, Wellington Street, London SE18 6PW 


G ; Th v . A' H i . I C-- i Vi.Uv 

Cars Vans. MPV s. lorries Trucks Pick mis. Camuers 

Non & Runners • MOT Failures 
More naiil lor cars with MOT s 

Vcilnle* art 4 r *uiirt ed m WNmr 4 fepalMlaa Mantt t reevetei t IYU paper part Pear In ax 

. 07741 890866 / 020 8310 0020. 


Free flu jabs 

PEOPLE at the greatest risk from flu can 
protect themselves and their families 
with a free jab. 

The royal borough is teaming up with the 
NHS and local pharmacies to encourage 
people to have a jab if they are aged 65 or 
over, pregnant women, or have serious 
medical conditions like severe asthma, 
chest or heart complaints and diabetes. 
Patients and carers can arrange for 
vaccinations through their GP or 
through any local pharmacy. 

November 5 2013 


Review ordered on street trading licences 

AS THE first of the new 6-month street trading 
licences come up for renewal, the Royal Borough 
has announced a review of the system, following 
a debate at last week's Full Council meeting, 
which will involve consultation with traders, 
residents and other interested groups. The full 
details of the consultation process are set to be 
released over the next few weeks in Greenwich 
Time and on the Council's website. It is hoped 
that local residents and businesses will take the 
opportunity to make their thoughts known. 

The Royal Borough introduced the street 
trading licensing scheme earlier in the year 
to ensure that businesses that wanted to 
extend their trade onto the pavement could 
do so in a way which also ensured the safety 
of pedestrians, including the partially sighted, 
wheelchair and pushchair users. 

Before that time, the Royal Borough was one 
of only two London Boroughs without a street 
trading scheme in place. 

The trading fee for the first square metre is £7 
perweekand £3.50 per weekfor any extra square 
metres, which are lower than many councils. By 
comparison in Bexley there is a flat fee of £900 
per year and in Bromley businesses pay up to 
£2768 per year for the same space which would 
only cost £364 in the Royal Borough. 

Although some businesses have welcomed 
the opportunity to legally trade on the street for 
the first time, there have been concerns raised 
by other businesses who did trade without a 
licensing system and have been asked to pay a 
fee for the first time. 

At last week's Full Council meeting, Councillor 
Chris Roberts the Leader of the Council 
responded to these concerns by instructing 
officers to carry out a review of the system and 
consult with local businesses and all interested 
groups in order to: 

• Enable the Council to enforce against 
obstruction on the footpath to the benefit of 
the public. 

• Provide a regime to properly regulate for a 
number of businesses which wish to continue 
with a Street Trading licence. 

• Re-examine how the scheme might impact 
less upon smaller businesses. 

Full details of the review will be released in the 
near future. The revision will also need to ensure 
that the Royal Borough has the necessary 
powers to enforce against obstructions to 
pavements if traders go beyond the space they 
have been approved to use. 

Councillor Roberts said: "The Royal Borough 
welcomes the major contribution that well- 

managed, high-quality, street trading makes in 
creating an exciting and welcoming addition to 
our local shops and restaurants. The aim of the 
street trading policy is to allow this to continue 
in a way which is good for businesses and 
safeguards pavement users. 

"I appreciate that despite the need to have 
a fair and workable system of street trading in 
place, the Royal Borough could have done more 
to engage with businesses. This review will allow 
us to look at how the scheme is working so far 
and also balance the issues of safety against our 
aim to continue to support local traders." 

With Christmas just a few weeks away GT will 
be reminding readers about the fantastic local 
offerings. Our three town centres have a great 
range of seasonal activities and events and of 
course our local shops and businesses right 
across the borough provide a mix of affordability 
and quality- so perfect for Christmas shopping. 

Shopping locally is great for the pocket 
with lower transport costs and gives our hard 
working local businesses a boost - which in turn 
is all good news for the local economy. 

• You can also lookout for information on special 
Christmas events at 

by Dan Stephens 

A BRIGHT future and a historic past 
were brought together last week 
when the newly renovated Orangery 
Studios were officially opened. 

The historic building in Eltham will now 
provide high quality, contemporary work 
space for seven businesses, with four 
offices leased already. 

They have been delivered by the 
Greenwich enterprise board and the 
royal borough with small businesses 
specifically in mind. 

Cllr Chris Roberts, the council leader, 
Eltham MP Clive Efford and Nigel Barker, 
of English Heritage, were among guests 
at the official opening of the new facilities 
on Orangery Lane last Thursday. 

High quality affordable business space is 
vital for the local economy and the royal 
borough is seeking to upgrade business 
areas, improve access and connectivity, 
and support local businesses in every way 

The revamped offices are part of the 
borough’s Eltham masterplan. 

The developments at the Orangery are 
a remarkable turnaround for the historic 
building, which was built in 1717 and once 
stood in the grounds of Eltham House. 

Through years of neglect it fell into ruin 
and was listed on the architectural ‘at 
risk’ register by English Heritage. 

However, in 2007, Orangery Lane 
building was taken over by the enterprise 

It’s director Michael Finlay was delighted 
with the opening, saying: “We genuinely 
believe the centre of Eltham is already 
benefiting from this diversification of 
its business base, as small businesses of 
many kinds can prosper alongside the 
traditional retailers.” 

Cllr Roberts said: “I’m delighted that the 

new offices at the historic Orangery have 
been officially opened and are available 
for small business to utilise. 

“The royal borough recognises how 
important small businesses are to the 
economy and identity of Greenwich and 
we will do everything in our power to help 
them grow.” 

p / * « 

i .J 

Branches In: 
Woolwich - Povris; St 
Pi urns lead Common 
Old Mill Rd 

I Darttord * East Hill Rd 

020 3417 0184 
07843 951104 

ww sUrdayrtirtery com 

EDI/ 0 4KKF .R5 



' l( ii tiir.ftymMi 

V >|i; 'Amu ( ale Kourv i 


M ND.W i 


5 \ \v4n\i\i id imwiii ks 

NO VlfOINTMl \rv M.<f:sS.VR\ 

020 8269 0915 



m l Ilham Min*. H Lunik’ll SfcM t HI 

r i 

Special Offers: 

I nil I laid < ill ms r 
^ilh( nt A; Hlr.vviJr\ 
>hoii Hair {42/Ml 
I tni;; llnii £50.00 

[♦siili C ut & Blundr) 
friim 145.0# 


Opening l imes: 
Monday -Thursday: 9am-6pin 
L riiluv-S^turdu) : Vunt-'Jpm 

smnLix : 

< li>%<il 

020 8859 1478 


(it’l in TOUCH 

* Activum for cH'dw and loca *4*at s on Intmgs 

* V'ornHri lo< hri iar over cs, arid partiM 

* Waste collection and street deansog schedules 

www. royu 

royal ****** 


November 5 2013 

Trust to protect assets 

PROTECTION AIM: The Tudor Bam is one of many borough treasures which could benefit from being under the care 
of a heritate trust being set up by the borough 

day services 

THE FINAL plans are being made to mark 
Remembrance Day across the borough. 

On Saturday (November 9), a wreath laying 
ceremony will begin at the Memorial at 
Maze Hill. It will then pass on to St John's 
Church and the memorial in Charlton 
Village, ending at the memorial in 
Cemetery Lane. 

There will also be a service in Plumstead 
Cemetery at 1 0.40am, with a wreath 
laying ceremony followed by a visit to the 
memorial in Woolwich New Cemetery. 

On Sunday, a morning Remembrance 
Day parade and service will take place, 
at 1 0.45am. There will be a parade of war 
veterans, ex-service groups and youth 
organisations, with a wreath laying 
ceremony at Eltham War Memorial and 
two-minute silence at 1 1am. 

This will be followed by a Remembrance 
Service in St John's Church, Eltham. 

A morning remembrance service will also 
be held at St Michael's and All Angels 
Church, Abbey Wood. 

On Monday November 1 1 there will be 
an observation of two minutes silence at 
1 1 am in Woolwich Town Hall. 

Jingle Bell rock 

A Jingle Bell Rock disco, for the over 60s, 
is being organised in the Public Hall at 
Woolwich Town Hall on December 4, from 
2-4pm, to celebrate Christmas. 

There will be music, karaoke and mince 
pies - all absolutely free. But tickets 
must be booked in advance on 020 8921 
3492 or by emailing rajinder.phull@ 

THE Royal Borough is setting up a 
heritage trust to protect and enhance 
some of its most famous and loved 
historical buildings. 

Such treasures tend to be very expensive 
to maintain and the borough is seeking 
the best solution to protect and enhance 
them for the benefit of residents. 

The not for profit trust will make it 
easier for residents to have a greater say 
in the futures of sites such as Charlton 
House and possibly The Tudor Barn. It 
will also make it easier to access different 
types of funding for maintenance. 

The trust would be led by a group of 
independent individuals. 

Other treasures being considered for the 
trust’s care include war memorials and 
the Greenwich Heritage Centre. 

The Tudor Barn is a Grade II listed 
building built in the 16 th century by the 
family of William Roper. It has links back to 
King Henry VIII and the Tudor Monarchy 
and is the only Tudor Barn in London. 

Cllr Chris Roberts, the council leader, 
said: “We are extremely proud of our 
historic and heritage legacy here in the 
royal borough. 

“Not only are we honoured to have such 
a rich selection of historical buildings 
and memorials here, we know they are a 
huge asset to the borough in terms of the 
interest they create. 

“First and foremost, they are much 
loved by our communities and are a really 
important link to our past. 

“For this reason, we want to make sure 
we continue to make the most of our 
heritage and historical places of interest. 

“A trust model has worked well in other 
parts of the country and would be an 
excellent way to both protect and enhance 
the buildings and to allow the community 
itself to play a bigger role in looking after 

• To share your views on these 
plans please email heritage. centre@ or write to 
Heritage Trust plans c/o Greenwich 
Heritage Centre, Artillery Square, Royal 
Arsenal, Woolwich SE18 4DX 

Proposals for a new IKEA 
store for Greenwich Peninsula 

Have your say! 

We art bringing forward proposals for the redevelopment of the 
site on Bugsby's Way which is currently occupied by the Sainsbury's 
fooostore and the former Comet store. 

Before we submit an outlme planning application to the 

Royal Borough of Greenwich we'd really like to know what you think 1 

Come to our public exhibition to view the plans and have your say. 

Saturday 9th November 

Sh«rard Mall, The ForurvgiGreenwch, 

Trafalgar Road, London, SE10 9EQ 

T 0207 323 3544 
E contact@iikeagreenwich. 


November 5 2013 

Cold call warning 

DAMAGE: A tree uprooted by the St Jude's Day storms in Woolwich 

RESIDENTS are being 
warned against opportunist 
rogue traders offering to 
carry out work in the light 
of damage caused by the 
St Jude’s Day storms last 

The borough escaped the 
worst of the storm, with 
relatively minor damage 
and no serious casualties 

A tree down at the junction 
of Woolwich New Road 
and Grand Depot Road is 
an example of the sort of 
damage which occurred, 
while public transport was 
in chaos, with buses delayed 
and trains cancelled or 

As people recover from 
the aftermath, however, the 
royal broough is aiming to 
ensure that any residents 
needing repairs to damaged property find suitable 

Residents are being urged to check if elderly 
neighbours need assistance or advice and, if work 
is needed, to go through personal recommendation 
or access the Greenwich What Trader scheme. 

Cllr Maureen O’Mara, the borough’s cabinet 
member for community safety, said: “We would 
like to advise residents to choose a trader carefully 
and, in particular, be wary of cold callers who 
might be trying to take advantage of the situation 
caused by last week’s storm. 

“We would recommend that residents get three 
quotes for the work, ask for recommendations 
from family and friends or choose someone from 
the Greenwich What Trader scheme.” 

The Greenwich What Trader scheme can be found 
or alternatively contact the borough’s Trading 
Standards on 020 8921 8223 for details of traders 
on the scheme. 

• Anyone who thinks they have been a victim 
of a scam should contact the Citizens Advice 
Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06 who can 
advise you further. 

Follow Royal Greenwich ^ 
on twitter 


Hospital decision welcomed 

THE royal borough has 
welcomed the Court 
of Appeal ruling that 
Health Secretary Jeremy 
Hunt did not have power 
to implement cuts at 
Lewisham Hospital, 
including closing the A&E 

The court upheld a ruling 
last Tuesday that the 
minister could not make 

the closure without the 
support of local GPs and 
health professionals. 

If the closure had gone 
ahead, there would have 
been a knock-on effect at 
Queen Elizabeth Hospital 
in Woolwich, which would 
have been responsible for 
more serious accidents and 
emergencies, stretching 
its capacity. 

Cllr Chris Roberts, leader 
of the royal borough, said: 
“I am delighted with this 

“It means we can now 
work with the government, 
local clinicians and our 
local community to 
ensure that residents can 
continue to access the 
health services they need 
and deserve.” 

Adoption 'rewarding' says mum 

A MOTHER-of-two has described how 
adoption can be “rewarding” and an 
“excellent option” for families. 

Vivienne Osunde, a local resident, made 
her comments to promote Adoption Week, 
the national promotion which is running 
until Friday, which is being supported by 
the royal borough. 

“I had one daughter already from a 
previous relationship that ended,” said 
Vivienne. “I was a single parent and I 
wanted another girl so that my daughter 
had a sister. Adoption seemed a suitable.” 

Vivienne told GT she has a wonderful 
family and both her adopted daughter, 
adopted before the age of one in 1999, 
and her birth daughter, who is eight 
years older, share a healthy and close 

She added: “I think adoption is a very 
good option for families. 

“Sometimes it can be a bit complicated 
emotionally and you have to prepare for 
things that could go wrong or become 
complicated, so you have to approach 
adoption very strong. 

“But often it can be so seamless and 

such an easy going transition. I have been 
very lucky and I definitely have never 
regretted it at all.” 

Information on adoption is available all 
week from public libraries, community 
centres and cafes in the borough. 

Cllr Jackie Smith, cabinet member for 
children and young people, said: “We are 
always looking for new parents to adopt. 

“We have a lot of children that need 
a family and we hope that this week 
we are able to get more people to 
consider adoption as an option and get 
information out there that could make a 
real difference to the lives of children and 
families lives.” 

Changes to the law, as well as issues 
such as children’s behavioural problems 
or coming from a mixed race background 
present challenges to be aware of, she said. 

Greenwich is teaming up with other 
South London boroughs to host a free 
information event at Lambeth Town Hall 
on Thursday (November 7) at 6.30-8pm. 

• For further information visit www. or speak 
to a duty social worker on 020 8921 2752. 

tr^rphor* 0800 053 1 4*9 

wwm njrJgwnww 



November 5 2013 


Co-educational Post 16 

offering A Levels, 

the International Baccalaureate 

and some vocational courses 

f Itham Hill 


Post 16 Open Evening 
Wednesday 6th November 

Visit us at our open evening to find out 
more about how to enrol for the next 
academic year. 

Construction Jobs 

GLLaB is looking for 

experienced construction workers 
for fobs with Crossrail, the 
redevelopment of Olympic sites 
and other regeneration projects in 
the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

GLLaB is running a series 
of information and application 
sessions at our office in Woolwich. 
To take part you should have 
recent conscuctlon experience 
with the relevant tickets for your 

Currently recruiting: 

• Ail plant drivers 

• General operatives 

• Groundworkors 

• Traffic marshals 

• Bankspersons 

• Bricklayers 

K you live in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and would like to receive 
text alerts about construction vacancies, email: 



GLLaB recruits on behalf of a wide range of employers. 


♦ International Baccalaureate World School 

♦ Excellent results 

♦ Outstanding new facilities 

♦ Wide range of extra-curricular opportunities 

Excellence ♦ Happiness ♦ Success 


TEL : 020 88S4 SOSS 

School Business Manager 

P04 - £36,106 to £36,961 * per annum according to experience 
* salary will bo pro rata'd to term time only, 36 hours per week, 

43 weeks per year(negotiable) 

•Vxdnl Prsrory School is a three fcxrn entry school ehkb » > mil ted it the heart oft drwrw 
convnurUy and refers i seowe mJb-csdtsral errv»mrrr>MV kir c Hidden three to eb wn 

VAfc ire looking to appc*nt « Mom Manager rcnm<t»ij to icbeving eerelence. who wil 
l«»d on wou fttpeett of school bitrau maupmifit 

You wll be directed by the Headteacher to pot form a vanety of duties, inducing fkunod 
nrar^gemenc porsonod rrun^gemanc. kadpg a uurn of aribnacraOMQ and premises scat and 
ensuing hgh qualry performance trr cup) effect** monitoring evakxmon. development and 
best value approach to the use of resources to enable oir pjptb to achieve the r best 

To be successful you must: 

• Be ptofkiert with a nqp! of IT application* 

• Be able to vwr k n i pressurised srMromneat dfesfcng with i variety of tasks and deedinrs 

• Be • good manKrit Xor at dl bwb 

• Be m dUfrw and prt^kssmsl rtale mods! 

• Have an irvfentanclpg of and commitment co equal opportunities 

Pref e rence wf! be grven to appi cants who hold a Cerohcare’Dpkoma r\ School Business 

For krdter nformaton and an jppkaoon pack please vise our wobsne 

Compkted appluthn bmw Shcnfd be imnlej to isef| ws od h ill|rssnwkh.Kltuk 

Oosoc date: Midday Friday 15th November 2013 
Interviews: Monday 25 Ch November 2013 

Wbodhil a (ommeted to safeguard^* dildrwt Ail canddbrua met taw an enhanced DBS 
diode or be wllng to undergo chocks. 


ROYAL niimW 

November 5 2013 

[51 El 


NVQ Level 2 and 3 Diploma in Laboratory Science 

Laboratory Science Level 2 

This qualification is intended for those hoping to change career and move into a laboratory environment but lack relevant 

Laboratory Science Level 3 

This qualification is intended for Lite Soence graduates with little or no experience who desire to work in a 
pathology laboratory. This could be a starting pont for a career n Healthcare Sciences. 

These vocational cuaUficat*ons enable you to prove competence of work experience to potential employers 
dunng the application and interview procedure fer employment 

You wilt be trained in patient specimen identification and the processing and testing of various body fluds 
within a medical laboratory 

What employers say ® 

GO per cent of employers vrew vocational qualifications as more attractive or equal to academic 

Almost a thud (31 per cent) of employers said Ibey would offer a wage premium for someone who was 
qualified to at least Level 3 

Financial Support 

24+ Advanced Learning Loans are avaitafcle, the repayment is a good deal too - you'll only start 
repaying your loan in 2016, and then only once your income is £21,000 

Please call 0208 301 4930 and speak to us today! 

IkT) Bexley College 

fW MvN 





■ r 

I-\ j 


3 30pm - 7.00pm 

Holy Hil Construction Campus 

3 30pm - 7.00 pm 
lower Road Campus 

10 OGam * 2 OOpm 
Tower Road Campus 

Bexley College has a wide range 
of vocational courses for school 
leavers and adults 

01322 404000 


Tv** 'vtf t in Ti.rA* Rood B sM •+*•*. Xetf. DR176JR 
H * nif/hl l<it4i| Fwu»I» h li*»-f QA1T6H.I 


Courses starting 
throughout the year 

Multi Skills. Plastering, 
Painting & Decorating, 
Home Maintenance, 
Tiling & more... 

Saturday & weekday 

CSCS Training & Tests 
Learn a Trade or 
improve your DIY skills 
Courses from 
1 day to 1 year 

Please contact us for further details or to book a course 

020 8305 5050 


H a j Like us on 






November 5 2013 


Ro> jJ Borourin of Greenwich 
Court tr) KmK Act 1990 (AS AMENDED) 

; flMMpn nt W i mwi w H toftcedip*MEn| 

Qrdrr 2010 

Town ft 

Town and Country rfenninr (Drvtlopmcn* , . 

\UiUd Building; ft Comers Jtion Are**} Aa 1990 „ 

namm (U<«d BuiMtnrv tXvmur* alien Irrn) IUcul* 1 inr% |ft90j[AS 
Town ft Country Pfenning (Control of Advertisements) negubtionn 200 f ( 
taoa s Ivft) Ml )£ 44au(v r>j* fen roit til* tail* iwl ftCtonutfi 4 inftii tlto rift 
m Inwwir sftesumad m pit m ding IV tar* ft 9.0Gn t ' K»fer * *M», mi f GQfc» ft !» V^pn c« 

\HOi IT - 

W«o#wch Public Uvjry, Woolwich Centra 21 Lew Line. Sftlft 6 QT 
1U M >tp: W. rwipmwcl go<uk |lm » X to Ur»* tom, toftm utW jf*r • j tan 
I totocMfvt tKwrja Act (mm dm* lr»A »1» fefefcth UH toOnt A IV F1r*«t |Uta feato wd CtaunWoa 
Aral « |99f ib tae*H| ftevd be 6 *m vtr rv ** i»* 

;*** Mr «ti» i> arnet m tku iputxt toad be i Mt n Mt| ft [fctoofrai Haa«^ *i a Jl Can i tt &* 

*Vw pir A j prtft u ft ifViwt irhr 
(feto 0VI 1/2013 
Mr Hm • Gta PWw| Oftco 

Publicity lor Pfenning Application* 

too ** Hr ft Mrs Sabm 13/2101* 


'kfdedMmt to w #* it#er> rafc x tV to :i •! U fmu Md ffeev«: ft antwili Or UfTy vM 
Iftnrf 5 u.K# 77 !iu Wntorl I cel ft II (II 


Aftaor Bonrrcr#c hmvstmonn ltd 





tnuruian Ini 

M ChcU M .dMT* liMJtj ft ft 1 1*0 * 4 fefcr*. I- •> V- iWftMf J I J 4#l 

rft wrtTH 'Ml 
Wwi ip f i 

(#1 ft** iw jw 

rtSuc Hr Hodsson 


1 3/24S7* 

k tacawi lefbnreer ft mtwna ococwft W a 4 pfr **6 mm rank p* r# and voeac* ol a voft i»/i 

ktoxf AWw»f Fiftr UMr. toM O'* 5l I lew Ure. WwtotV 9T9 
Sura mi Hex SWIMV E* LSuTl 

toOtac Mn Harmon 13, 744*1 


M roccrr ijiefMr i nrm n vsox wr *-r>)ry ncl^incr ft noee dcr nit 

Unf Bail bd -krji . 'Id tbw Ii4 Mtob }i IF 

SuratmkmsL ftJKHUH Wi 

rift ux BngM Kenuge 13,74011 


- iVrrt d *d ntir tx f vi ft xnftr n >iftav D or fair? ipicn ittftft tmar* ft twixf 


*ltwnl It ijt mA 
tkhxtl r 

lirar, Lftin «gi toes Itf lift 

Ant HIHtftnutt Hr ft Mrs OtodOy 



(knoalui d i %6 +*rt rmm m oatmu aid tae*aTni ei a «Vb tton rax riftrawa 
|«(fwne3 ttnr». Wldl^ lead I * I (OL 
imamim Ant ^KKf/ HEll) 

hpian Hn Evam 




Carvt«r\alan lau 


rtin 4 bl v«4na« v«N iW tnUfUlaa PI tad iam u t toi 

HanlmJ III 


Mb Dhilian 


peart (luer agi ft ton ? 1 1 64 I » i%fd i 


w . , mi rnftnwd fe p— ft* rHtod hn vnay nw nHw nd 

d 2 irde nonf mi comm n&nitn 

kfturf Wbdaaft hftbliftarr, Mtoftad (to* 21 Un Lftft. lift K)T 

(jrrerutw) in aft^xnr to hrntal (« 

rtftant Thames Wxter Utilities Ltd 1 3/2647* 


tofttm d tmtwrap aid ) preaior Vwed wNn titxn^ ti Nr rx dftr wyp taw 
iAtdf WVt AMTMUftOff. Gm«aA l^llftd til HI 


tp at GfVMvnkb HosniUd I3.76SI* 


Betaytuf w» %mr*t 49 ft a ft* to itafr r iw d toi ted wx*d tom Eti tocArt ft bid ill| ft toft 

Items*] !■ flmii 

Itovr Hr: Uiamallft ot r Gatewh Ini tod 111 Ml 

(nvenaton Am AT7 GfCFfftRI 

iaftrva Mr KI>nviA> 1 1,2 CiA 't 


Ctow due ft ton ronn toor to? >ftt it» | m ,0 
it Wtof4id uxatv oin 
Ww tnnmn OreetMii l|A tod ft I E Ml 

nftrrto ft to nd n QHntac« to 

Itovf W ttwmts Lfttarr 

(ntfMlnAaa UH9JMUN IlftbUi 

kpi mt The Hade Groans 13/2669* 


fetafte c Keputnor. ft 011 x 4 ueioKx (ton don. id tout ton a* vetoes |M¥tL gxdd Ion Jed tot 

bHvi Ibrary ) Attoff tod SEP III 

^ frf« T 

1 3,7 60S* 



•toarulan Ant TONV, F 

b . to nt ir t Vftirnarr r fnixe vtosm ef r» I.E*; atftom 
Jbnff A’i-ft-it PiAc UXafj, ***** Um Jl Lcn Jrt tooML SEIO ICC 

Cntawalan Ant iNEWBtfY POP (mHI 

tf GLOOCESTia'cfelirtftELN/HCM. LONDON. $£10 MY 
> togemt. (snivel** n toe wNwct i »wr» nwvto rad | Irtbnnrtl 

Iftnrr wti bmrvnt Liar#, Uvemch in tod ft H Mi 

(nvtruien Ant W7 GREMftR* 

Pubiiaty tor Listed B uldntf Consent 

tout Ttumes Water Utilitws Ltd 1 3,764*1 


ktojfeanr lerfttnct d ft » • ra^ aid ) mrmruon toned nftn csntxns f> tk nx dir mp taw tail 
vtoi v neftftb i trCilau* gua«4 vend n tW iftra s» Sa( am black «d a* md aid am tot 
tonry AW: Gnr^d Jv ( Greemi Ini todftll Ml 

UdA*t *nde? 


/f aooctsna' ciftCurtiiEEw^KH. londdn. siioory 

Octoeftmt (aautaftat m tot Mlrvaut ft ,c-Jra r u?-»J i»E ilautonrX«| 

AV/ Gnemtl lAotf. Gemni B%(S ton ft II Ml 


(mrvinta WlffOEIIMU 
uid Mto f Gnie } 


in their 

, ABOUT 130 children 
and adults took part in 
a celebration of Black 
History Month sponsored 
’ by Charlton Triangle 
Homes (CTH). 

The housing association 
looks after 1,000 homes. 
The event was a chance to 
celebrate the diverse range 
of residents. 

African-themed story 
telling, dance and arts 
and crafts were part of 
the celebration in a large 
marquee next to the 
Charlton Family Centre, 
| part of the Greenwich Pre- 
School Learning Alliance. 

Global Fusion Music and 
Arts provided storytellers 
and music. The children 
joined in through 
drumming and dance. 

The family centre 
provided arts and crafts. 

In the three-hour event 
the children dressed up 
in bright African clothes 
while dancing or playing 
the many drums. 

A buffet, provided by the 
parents, catered for all 
tastes. As people ate they 
were entertained by an 
African Acrobat. 

Nigel Pearce, CTH’s 
neighbourhood manager, 
said: “Year on year this 
event gets bigger and that 
is thanks to our wonderful 
community coming 

PUPILS and staff at Eglinton Primary 
School, Plumstead, hit the high note 
with a week of musical-themed events for 
their Black History Month celebrations. 

Youngsters from all areas of the 
school had the chance to make musical 
instruments and to join in music sessions 
with Ben, Sammy and Zee, talented 
Eglinton staff members. 

There were musical performances by 
rhythm and blues singer Moses Kisakye 
and the Eglinton staff choir as well as 
music and dance sessions including 
African dance and samba workshops. 

All pupils also had the chance to make 
colourful African masks at sessions 
throughout the week. 

Teacher and music coordinator Debbie 
Gamble said: “All pupils in the school, 
early years and children’s centre have 
worked together collaboratively to plan 
and host a focus week, where both black 
history and music were celebrated. We 
had a very packed programme, full of 
fun and educational activities for the 
children and it’s great that they had the 
opportunity to celebrate Black History 
Month in variety of different ways.” 

November 5 2013 

0J ED 

Poetry in 
motion at 
the academy 

YOUNGSTERS at Charlton Park Academy 
have been celebrating Black History Month 
in verse. Pupils have been writing poems 
about music as part of their English work. 
And class Waterloo and City wore masks 
to represent black and white people when 
they re-told the Rosa Parks story for an 
assembly. Caris, pictured above, was part of 
the celebratory assembly and below, fellow 
pupils Stanley 
and Romixshan 
with their Black 
History poems 
a about jazz 

1 Mr 


Pupils nail colours to their masks for Black History Month 

IT'S US!: Children show of their masks made at Eglington Primary School 

133 135 South wood Rood SK9 3QL 
020 8859 1414 
c ) rri l Mnncrsis u 
www.cj rci, 

Independent Family 


• Burials 

• Cremations 

• Memo rLi Is 

• Repatriation Specialists 

Nationwide Service 
- 24 Hours - 

• Private Chapels of Re st 

• llumc Visits Arranged 

• Pre-paid I'imeral Plans 


A G3T*Ai*<«cvT#r* «4| a* No* 
rrfucta o? ytaur tto - and wt bot K«Afi 
M9(on » oatiMi Ajl/out aaMnafl you 

m4 r&tr+t 

• ard itiW to aupfon wyoii 

• A cmri porwnd bu^ti*jlDn CSO-iJOO 
dctiodoC «i )«r LVOXy drd Modi 

• a* pa coca be 


a you look itwf m a Ait tt+totow ki 
O — UMlBtl n foci ywowU Pm «e rinj* 
f(u WMONTt (Ami CPI 020 it] I 1244 

For pnry cal ihi uTafMdcii Carw i 

sss ms 


TPmA Corm 



November 5 2013 


LIBRARIES across the Royal Borough 
of Greenwich are now offering free IT 
training to anyone who wants to know 
how to get started on a computer. 

It’s just one of the many fantastic 
services offered by the Royal Borough’s 
12 libraries - which have seen £lmillion 
invested in new computer equipment in 
recent times. 

And that’s not all - the Royal Borough is 
modernising and expanding its libraries 
at a time when other parts of the country 
are seeing cuts to their local library 
services. These important community 
hubs not only offer the ongoing staple of 
books, dvds magazines and newspapers, 
you can access training courses, take part 
in a huge range of events and activities, 
visit exhibitions and there’s something 
on offer for people of all ages. 

The expansion of library services in the 
borough is part of a big modernisation 
of services for residents, a programme 
which has seen two new bigger libraries 
open in recent years in Woolwich and 
Eltham, with a third new library on the 
way in East Greenwich. 

Visitor numbers to Woolwich library 
have doubled since the new bigger facility 
opened at the Woolwich Centre - which 
now sees half a million people through its 
doors in a year. 

Councillor Peter Kotz, the royal 
borough’s cabinet member for culture and 
creative industries said; “We recognise 
just how important our local libraries are 
to people, which is why we continue to 
invest in these services. 

“Unlike many other local authorities up 
and down the country, we have been able 
to protect frontline services through the 
cuts to public services and are still able 
to enhance and expand our cultural and 
leisure offer. 

“Libaries are a haven to people - they’re 
also a place people can go to get a new 
skill or to access training. 

THE borough's libraries are more than just 
places where you can borrow of a look or 
take out a DVD. You can check out new jobs 
on computer screens, pay bills, be taught IT, 
hear a talk, join a reading group, use free 
wi-fi, or view special exhibitions. DICK 
TOWNSEND-SMITH finds out more 

“This links into the work we are also 
doing to provide our residents with 
as much opportunity to access skills, 
training and work. 

“In this day and age a working knowledge 
of computer systems is essential in many 
types of jobs, so offering this training in 
our libraries on our new computers is one 
crucial way we can help residents to find 
work more easily.” 

And it’s not just training residents can 
access. There are a big range of events 
and activities for people of all ages. 

Among the many family -based activities 
taking place at the moment are classes in 
making traditional African jewellery and 
embroidering fabric banners. 

nine, from Blackheath, 
with mum Reshma, des 
Woolwich, 'just popped 
popular story time sess 

At Woolwich Library, Maria Verity, who 
lives on the Woolwich Arsenal, went in on 
spec with four-year-old daughter Elena 
simply because it looked like it was going 
to rain, and immediately started having 

She said: “We are enjoying being here, 
and we want to go along to the singing 
sessions as well.” 

Health checks are also regularly 
available in the borough’s libraries, where 
people can have their blood pressure and 
cholesterol levels checked. 

The initiative, sponsored by the royal 
borough, also talks to people about 
healthy lifestyles. 

The IT courses are open to both 

Taking the library to your home 

THE borough also runs a home library 
service, which stops each week in 
different parts of the borough. 

It also supplies a choice of books for 
people who are housebound or have 
difficulty getting out, or who have a 
disability or long-term illness. 

They can go online, or phone a special 
number, and tell the person at the other 
end what type of books they like. A 
suitable selection will then be taken to 
their home, which they can keep for up 
to five weeks before they are collected. 

The service is provided free and people 
can borrow up to 16 items if they live 
at home or for ten weeks in residential 

Home Services librarians are always 
happy to chat about people’s favourite 
books, music and films and will always 
try to take people the things they like 

They include a wide range of books in 
standard and large print, books in many 
different languages, talking books on 
CD or cassette, videos and DVDs, music 
CDs and jigsaw puzzles. The service 
can also arrange visits from the Mobile 

• For more information about 
the Home Library Service call 020 
8319 5875 or email mobile.library@ 
royalgreenwich . 

The libraries 
visits to 

November 5 2013 

cal EE 

Times and places for IT training 

# Blackheath Library, Monday 9-1 0am. See 
a member of staff for more details or ring 
020 8858 1131. 

# Charlton Library, ring in or see a member 
of staff to agree a time 020 8319 2525. 

# Coldharbour Library, ring in or see a 
member of staff to agree a time 020 8857 

# East Greenwich Library, Friday 9.45- 
10.45am and 10.45-1 1.45am starting in 
November. See a member of staff for more 
details or ring 020 8858 6656. 

# Eltham Library, Saturday 9.30-1 0.30am. 
See a member of staff for more details or 
ring 020 8921 3452 

• New Eltham Library, Saturday 10-1 1am. 
See a member of staff for more details or 
ring 020 8850 2322 

• Plumstead Library, Friday 10-1 1am. See 
a member of staff for more details or ring 
020 8854 1 728. 

• Slade Library, Monday 9.30-1 0.30am 
and 11-1 2noon. See a member of staff for 
more details or ring 020-8854-7900. 

• West Greenwich Library, Thursday 
9-1 0.30am. See a member of staff for more 
details or ring 020 8858 4289. 

• Woolwich Library, Saturday 9.15- 
10.15am. See a member of staff for more 
details or ring 020-8921-5750. 

A current exhibition in the Woolwich Centre 
looks at a restoration project at the Old Royal 
Naval College. IAN LAMONT took a look 

CREATIVE: Students wrote 
messages about how the ORNC 
project inspired them 

been a big them in 
Greenwich, a host 
borough for the 
London Olympics last 

Plenty of groups 
have been quick to 
grasp the notion, 
one being the Old 
Royal Naval College 

When embarking 
on the first stage of a 
£2million restoration 
project, they allowed 
residents to get 
right up close, via 
scaffolding, to works 
taking place in the 
Painted Hall, designed 
by Sir Christopher 
Wren with paintings 
by Sir James 

Now, the ORNC has unveiled an 
exhibition - on display at the Woolwich 
Centre’s library - of that initial 
£335,000 first phase, which was part 
funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

The ‘We Got Up Close’ display 
celebrates the efforts of many different 
groups who have become inspired by 
the project, one which gave the college 
the chance to widen its appeal. 

While only official restorers were 
actually allowed to touch or carry out 
the restoration work, 1,000 residents 
took the chance to get up really 
close by climbing especially erected 
scaffolding to view part of the Painted 
Hall ceiling. 

That led, for example, to students at 
Greenwich Community College (GCC) 
devising their own collage, producing 
a modern twist on the west wall. 

Under the guidance of Piers Goodman, 
an art teacher and quality manager 
for courses at GCC, the mixed ability 
students produced a contemporary 
collage called Say It How It Is. 

Piers said it gave students the 
chance to not only explore the art, 
but to examine the context and to 
look deeper at meanings behind the 

The students’ interpretation 
features today’s national politicians, 
Olympians and footballer David 
Beckham - as a cherub with a mobile 
phone and laptop. 

There is also a written panel by 
students of English for Speakers of 
Other Languages, who investigated 
the meanings of symbols in artwork, 
messages which help ‘decode’ a painting. 

Citations include: “Power is an 
important topic because it helps 
us understand the painting and its 
message about the greatness of Great 

Cherubs, they concluded, are 
traditionally thought of as 
supernatural beings acting as 
mediators between humans and 

gods - and symbols of 
innocence and peace. 

The exhibition, 
which runs until 
December 14, reflects 
how the community 
have embraced the 
restoration - so far. 

Speaking at the 
opening last week, Jo 
Hall, head of learning 
and interpretation 
at ORNC, said: “We 
took the opportunity 
created by this 
restoration to involve 
local groups. 

“We involved local 
people who might not 
have been to that part 
of Greenwich before. 
That’s why it’s nice to 
have this exhibition 

“When you go to the painted hall, it 
can seem very big. 

“Now, different groups have been in 
to look at it. 

“You can really see the difference 
between the third of the ceiling that 
has been restored and the rest. One 
looks clear and the other seems like 
you are looking through a curtain,” 
she added. 

The first stage of restoration, 
however, only made a small difference 
to one part of the vast painted hall, 
said Jo, who described the restored 
part as very bright but the rest 
seeming like it was in a dark room. 

“The next phase - doing the rest of 
the ceiling - will be bigger,” she said. 
With about 50 groups and personal 
donors raising the funds for the 
first part, the ORNC is busy putting 
together applications for further 
funding. Work is not likely to start 
before early 2015 and will take two 
years, she estimates. 

The restoration is the first at 
ORNC in 50 years and was filmed by 
University of Greenwich final year 
students, something which will soon 
be available on the college website. 

Writing for one display board in the 
exhibition, the students said: “One of 
the main challenges of filming in the 
Painted Hall has been dealings with 
the light levels. There is a surprising 
amount you can’t see on the camera 
which you can see in person so we 
tried to rectify this by bringing along 
some lights. 

“Unfortunately the lights we would 
normally use were not safe to use on 
the scaffolding tower, so it was back to 
the drawing board.” 

Other groups involved in the 
conservation wet Paine and Stewart, 
Martin Ashley Architects and Robert 
Owen Children’s Centre. 

• People wanting to know more can 
keep up with project developments at where they can 
sign up for a newsletter. 

Clockwise from main picture: Karys Kumar, 
and Hetal Padhiar, 13, from Woolwich, 

;ign bracelets; Mum Maria Verity, from 
I in' with daughter Elena, four; Dads enjoy a 
ion with children 

beginners and users who want to know 
more. People can complete the training at 
their own pace, with library staff on hand 
for extra support. 

The courses are being offered by the 
‘Learn my way’ website and cover 
topics such as how to carry out online 
job searches to using social media and 
opening an email account. 

At the end of the course participants 
will receive a personalised certificate. 

The courses are run on different days 
and times throughout the week. 

• For more information about the range 
of activities in libraries have to offer, go 
to or call 
0208 319 5878. 

BRAND NEW: How the new Greenwich Centre will look. 
It is scheduled to open in 2015, complete with a state- 
of-the-art library 

November 5 2013 


6 Greenwidi 



I could help with 
a few odd tasks 
around the house 

I've got time and 
expertise that I 
could share with 
my community 

Could you give a little help? 

Wealth of Experience puts local residents who need 
o tosk doing in touch with our timebank volunteers 
who can do it, in return for o suggested donation to 
Age UK Bromley & Greenwich. 

Coll us on 020 8315 1873 or sign up online at reenwkh/ 
how-you -can-help/ wealth-of-experience 

4g*Uifi«:fr4#y o Cie«in»«h*4 rijft* yAjeOifi.irt bijrifey t not06£6&l 

Get cycling 

^Froo adult cycling courses 
All abilities 
- All levels 

Free cycling courses 

Learn to ride 

Improve your on-road riding skills 
Commute to work 

For more info contact: 


THERE are some special 
k K treats in store at this year’s 
< Global Fusion Music & 
Arts Royal Greenwich Jazz 
events at Charlton House. 

On Thursday November 
14 the legendary British jazz guitarist 
Jim Mullen will be headlining the bill, 
which is part of the Royal Greenwich 

Jim has been a major figure on the 
European jazz scene for many years, 
perhaps best known for his long and 
fruitful association with the late Dick 
Morrissey in Morrissey-Mullen. 

The British band Morrissey-Mullen 
had chart topping jazz success in the 
1970s and 1980s with their own unique 
style of jazz funk. 

Jim also worked with some of the 
greats like Brian Auger, Pete Brown, 
Georgie Fame, Mike Car and the 
Average White Band. 

He has even appeared with 
Greenwich’s own jazz singer/poet and 

project manager of Global Fusion 
Music and Arts, Louisa Le Marchand on 
her album ‘Jazzmoss’, back in 2008. 

Considered one of the most popular 
jazz groups in London, Morrissey- 
Mullen was led by Dick Morrissey on 
tenor and soprano saxes and flute, and 
Jim on guitar. 

They joined forces in 1975, playing 
together for 16 years, during which 
they came to be known as “Mr Sax and 
Captain Axe” because of their hallmark 
based around calls and responses 
between guitar and saxophone. 

On returning to Britain, they 
concentrated on the small club and pub 
circuit, with sell-out gigs including at 
The Half Moon, Putney for many years. 

In 1979, EMI commissioned them to 
enter the Abbey Road Studios to make 
“Britain’s first digitally-recorded single 
record”, a cover of the Rose Royce hit 
“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”. Their 
1981 album Badness reached number 
one in the UK disco charts. 

Sale of art to benefit refugees 

REFUGEES in the 
Middle East will be the 
beneficiaries from an 
art auction on Saturday 
November 16. 

Pieces from world wide 
will be on sale at Mycenae 
House, Blackheath, from 
1.30pm to 4.30pm. 

They include a print 
of Allegory of Life and 
Death by Nanganaralil, 
an Australian, a timely 
offering as interest in 
native Australian art has 
been greatly increased by 
the recent exhibition at 
the Royal Academy. 

Another is called Horse- 
riding thief, (pictured) 
an oil by Rui, depicting a 
character from the Beijing 
Opera as one of the British 
officers who sacked the Old 
Summer Palace in 1860. 

The event has been 
organised by the Blackheath 
& Greenwich branch of the 
United Nations Association 
(UNA). About 40 items 
are expected to be sold. 
Previous auctions have 
raised £3,400 and £1,300. 

Lots can be viewed from 

1.30pm, with the auction 
starting at 2pm. 

Items have been provided 
by donors - not the artists - 
and come from many parts 
of the world including 
Africa, Europe, South 
America, and Australasia. 
There will also be a silent 
auction for some of the 
smaller items. 

Entrance costs £4 per 
person which includes a 
numbered catalogue plus 
a free glass of wine or soft 

Catalogue numbers will 
be entered into a prize 
draw, to be made at the 

end. Prizes include a large 
food hamper. 

Neville Grant, chairman 
of B&G UNA, said: “We 
have held two similar 
events which successfully 
raised good sums of money 

- it’s a fun way to spend an 

The message remains 
serious. He added: “The 
UN High Commission for 
Refugees (UNHCR) has 
helped millions in the past 

- but international support 
for the tragic victims of 
recent conflicts, such as 
Syria, is sorely stretched, 
as we have all seen on our 
TV screens. 

“It’s a very good cause, 
and I hope that as many 
people as possible can 
come, walk away with a 
lovely picture and a feeling 
they have done a little bit 
towards making someone’s 
life less miserable.” 

He thanked the Vanbrugh 
Community Association, 
which runs Mycenae 
House, and Mark Johnson- 
Brown, its manager, for 
donating the venue. 

November 5 2013 


For the first half of the evening, 
Tanzanian artist Freddy Macha will give a 
performance in his cinematic, panoramic 
style in a mix of words sounds and colours. 

The event is from 7.30-10pm. Tickets are £7, 

The second jazz event, funded by the 
royal borough as part of the London Jazz 
Festival and Royal Greenwich Jazz, is by the 
South African Trumpeter Claude Deppa on 
November 21. 

Claude will be performing music from his 
new album. It is a new departure for him. 
He is famous for his upbeat South African 
Township Jazz, while this album has brought 
together musicians from the Caribbean and 
Africa, so there is now a strong fusion of the 
various musical styles. 

Global Fusion Music & Arts will be bringing 
some top musicians from Paris for this event. 
The others are Jean-Paul Pierre Chabrele, 
Pape Herve Sambe, Denis Tchangou and 
Andre Mathurin. 

Charlton House’s doors open at 7pm. 

Good Times has 
fun messages 

Dumped by her husband, her father decrepit 
and a young teenage daughter in rebellion, 
Susan's life is in tatters and she's been left on 
the shelf like the videos in the charity shop 
where she works. 

But with humour and pathos and farcical 
turns, our heroine might turns things round. 
Good Things makes no claim to rich complex 
themes not to scaling emotional heights. 

It's an ordinary play - the speciality of the 
author, Liz Lochhead, Scotland's very own 
National Poet - about everyday folk and it 
resonates strongly throughout. 

It is extremely well written, the flow natural 
and even, a writer at the height of her powers. 
While it's best understood by an audience 
over 50, the sullen daughter jokes in 
particular, its essential truths are much 
broader. Abandonment, loneliness and crises 
of confidence will echo to young and old. 
Watch out for the shoes that Susan so covets - 
their meaning is much more than footwear. 
The set construction (Robert Hames and Roy 
Moore) is slick complementing the writing 
from farcical exits to monologues. 

Jackie Hartley's direction is delicate and 
thoughtful and her style is especially 
inclusive. The acting is competent with Janet 
Denne's Susan abrasive and touching and 
funny. Mark Higgins's Fraser complements her 
precisely, his timing particularly impressive. 
Louise Gaul, the shop manager, was once 
again most expressive but Nik Renouf (David) 
was the best of the bunch. He is natural and 
effortless and at ease on the stage lost all 
self-awareness from the start. 

The first night was a sell out and everyone 
loved it, the applause ringing out. These 
local events bring us closer together and are 
the life-blood of towns and communities. 

If actors and directors can give us so much 
commitment, the least we can do is attend. 

A thoroughly enjoyable evening 7/1 0 

By Richard Morgan 


The Blue Nose 2 - Charity Art and Jazz Event. 

Sat Nov 23. An art and music show with Jazz and 
other vocalists in aid of LVE Haiti. 

6:30pm. £10. www.thebluenose2.eventbrite. 

To enter a listing email or call 
0208921 5916 


Bird Watching Walk. Sat Nov 9. 

Bring along suitable footwear and clothing and 
have fun, the walk will include climbing a small 
style. 2pm. £2 or £1 under 1 8. 020 8319 8900. 


Gary Clarke's The Lustrum Aftermath Show. 

Fri Nov 8. Showcasing the aftermath of a six-day 
project for 1 5 dancers. 7:45pm. £1 0 or £7.50 


Thomas Tallis Society Concert - The Story of 
Song. Sat Nov 9. TTS choir play concert with 
choir of New Renaissance exploring centuries 
of early choral music. 7.30pm. £1 2. www. 


Halstow Craft Fair. Sat Nov 9. 

Bigger and better than ever in the newly 
renovated hall. Two floors packed with crafts, 
including pottery, art, jewellery, knitware. Noon- 
4pm. Children free, adults 50p. 


Thursdays, starting Nov 7. 

Create a short play in six weeks at Greenwich 
Theatre Bar. Contact grannyanna53@hotmail. 1 .30pm-3pm. £5 drop-in sessions 


Eltham Farmers Market. Sun Nov 1 7. 

Markets selling fresh range of produce and crafts 
including jams and cakes. 10am-3pm. 


T 1 

W* -in- 



Thursday November 7 until Saturday 
November 9 

A history of classical music dating back 
to 1 400 will be celebrated at the Royal 
Greenwich International Early Music Festival 
and Exhibition on behalf of the Trinity Laban 
Conservatoire of music and dance. 

Periods covered will include medieval, 
renaissance and baroque Western 
music from 1 400 to 1 800 at concerts 
from Thursday November 7 to Saturday 
November 9. 

The concerts will take place at St Alfege's 
Church, the chapel in the Old Royal Naval 
College and the King Charles Court, where 
the music and dance festival is based. 
Greenwich Dance will be hosting an event, 
teaming up with Trinity Laban, as they 
invite award-winning choreographer Gary 
Clarke's acclaimed 'Lustrum' to Greenwich 
on Friday November 8. 

Tickets cost £10 or £7.50 concessions. For 
bookings call 020 8293 9741 or for more 
information visit www.greenwichdance. Or visit the website www. 

November 5 2013 


classifieds 020 8921 5033 ’w 0 u K0 6# 6# 

S.E Gardens 
All Garden 

Undertaken & 
All Fence Work 

020 8 231 0697 


i! ACE 



J 020 8355 0371 




Any 2 Storey House Front 
6m x6m 1 Level Boarded 
Free 6 Week Hire Fully insured 

07930 640 555 

020 88507160 



020 8265 5684 07768 458 196 
david @ 

Commercial & Domestic 
Plastering, Screeding & Rendering 


!*■ ^ J S 


020 8855 6683 
01322 334454 


dhp london ltd 

Landlords Gas Safety Certificate 
Power Flushing l 
A All makes of boilers repaired' 
k ntral Heating & J3ojler Installation 
T worL 

020 8244 091 2 • r J 
07956 994429 1 


020 8310 1308 

Specialists in boiler 
repairs, maintenance 
and installations 
All gas work undertaken 
Ex British Gas engineers 
Call for a free quote 
0800 285 1789 
07730 356819 

Plumbing, Heating 
Bathroom & 
Kitchen Fittings 

Laminated Flooring 

07812 774280 
07588 356130 




Professional & Reliable 
NICEIC Approved Installer 
Free Quote 
Call Tony 

07961 509 403 

020 8488 7425 




Over Grown Gardens 
Turfing Patio’s Slabbing 
Fencing New or Repair 

Supplied & Erected 
020 8859 7550 

07748 520 086 

Half Price Deals 

on Gelish, Massages, 
and Facials 

Monday & Tuesday ONLY 

Please ring to book. 


8850 3388 

Terms & Conditions Apply 



House /Office 

Insured, Trained & Vetted 
Fast & Reliable Try It 
£7.50 Per Hour 1 -Month 

020 7117 6302 
07949 756 949 




clutters and disorganised space? 
We’ll help you de-clutter and 
Organise your House, Office, 
Storages, Desks, 

Filing Systems, etc 

07956 074 541 

020 8317 3230 



Interior / Exterior 

Free estimates 

No job to small 

All Areas 

30 years experience 

07950 831 668 
01322 350 298 




01322 551 463 
07904 248 175 


Carpet Upholstery 

Most Quotes Beaten 
020 8691 2003 

07554 200 600 
Fully Insured 


:: P 


Maths, English & 
Science for KS3, 
GCSE& A levels 
Call Dr. Narayan 



R&PCar Sales 








Individual Eyelashes £10.00 
Eyebrow Shape & Tint £8.00 

Spray Tan £10.00 
Hollywood £15.00 

Wed-Fri ONLY 
Westmount 020 8850 3388 
Terms & Conditions Apply 


All roof repairs, j 
Guttering, Leaks, I 
Slates, tiles, Chimneys jj 



Kitchen /Bathroom 
Fitting. Tiling 
Wooden Flooring. 
Garden Patio Work. 
Painting & Decorating. 
General Repairs. 





Most Types of 
Second Hand 
Furniture Bought & 

Handley’s of 

020 8854 7754 


Man with 
Transit Van 

Light Removals, 
24 Hours 7 Days 
Low rates 
Any Distance 

020 8854 7789 
07903 249 555 



4 Imr.i 

• L* J 1 [j J DhLflB-J 

• CM;U b ull* 

• Wilt 

I * Mi WUcm* 

0/951 021 629 
1 12187689244 

House Clearances 
Prompt service 
07948 287 921 
020 8301 5303 

FROM £20 P/H 

0777 367 3535 

020 3302 2275 


NEW IMAGE . tr .mi 

A MThMOM Wom CMWIU «/». 






020 8852 0107 
07949 119 978 



FREE Estimates 

0208 355 0371 jj 
07881 621 074 ii 



Plumbing & Electrician 

Kitchen & Bathroom 

Tiling & Laminating 

Appliance Installation 

Repairs Big or Small 

Give us a call 

07887 590 110 
020 8265 6735 


When ocTMtenng 

Roofing Binding 

No* Roorli; Kitchens 

States or Tiles Bathrooms 

Roc# Repair* DeccreOng 

Me* Rat Roofs IlntertanExtericr) 

Roof Torrsoes EjUmstant 

Gutterrg Loft Comensons 
Bii m at our pwviout grtqac* ti 


m W'l pp i-.i 


Call for a FREE esimaia 
0600 612 6580 or 0206 859 5681 

VUE Nrw bian fcaeftnQ tacitly snot 1 M5 

| Opening Hours 
Monday to Friday 
8am to 6pm 


Mw direc rappig.anc49repanrs.co4M 


6*Y wit 

Rashfig Machines 

Drpn Rfpatrtd 4 
I natal td 

Mo Cal Out Chirp 

020 8317 1264 
078S0 330 SOI 


07788 511 980 
07949 580 482 
020 88501334 

Bought for cash 

Best prices paid 

Extra for Alloy Wheels 

DVLA documents exchanged 

We Do Not sell spares 

07540 105 453 


The appearance of an advert in RGT does not mean that Royal Borough of Greenwich endorses the advertiser's goods or services. While we will not knowingly run an advert that is untrue, we are not responsible for the accuracy of any advertising material 

or the accuracy of the description of an advertised product or service placed in GT 

November 5 2013 


Treasure # Island 

Greenwich K I cw idvim 
Young Peoples llicntc hm 
recruited a crew of profocsicikil 
actors and a merry chorus of 
r cal yowK sneen k» brine 
you j festive family trcil lliis 
December Trcuiiirc blind ;n 
77 u* Tranahed hi Woolwich 
will he Ml of hvc amcac. siy- 
akmg umus and plenty of 
puala The show won t cent 
.oi arm and a ke with tickets 

hurt] Lilly Uv 

Treasure Nani is directed by 
GLVPTj Artistic Dredor, 
Jeremy Julies, md follows 

rhe |YCV KHrt UKOCtttt of The 
HwKltuct of Noire Dmc. 
it) 1 1 and The Little Vieniuid, 
201 ii Adipicd from Robed 
Louis Stevenson clinic novel 
i follow's bitiuus litany 
cliii Jilcts itm Haw kilts. 
Lorii: /dm Shtr and lire* 
slwprtmics as (hey search for 
buned treasure. The audience 
will watch the story unfold and 
the thearre transform in this 

vnmersfve prc^icwm tin 
pits 1 1 Kin rtgttt in die mldcte 
of the aetkm 

••Treasure UUihI should 
he cv ltv chilli s favourite 
adventure Uon. it wav 
ivttainh mine. . /’ locaifc 
kmns JwW.-.ukfii 
tiMniit|< llu li aurtvlml 
you wit enter a hr as i 
new world. It all he tfOc. 
curihne, urn. upldtmc ami 
ultimate t> the hi st think yea 
could ib w iiti mi minute v 
this Oirivtiuav^ 

Tins year. hiltnew iiiCLYPT s 
community ertugemou altos, 
tes tee ^naai. youth it wane 
members the choitcc to dine 
on stipe. Tlic evened ebreus 
of tw any vxxuie supers 
will work atcmusidc the 
pufcaiorifiil acton. Tito will 
learn and develop new skills 
and u knits as wed as having 
Ices of tir jlnnr the nlcm* the 

Tlic venue \ loser b,r will 
beenme ‘ I he Spyvlns 
Tavern* wsd praUMlxmcd 
assmes and rclrcslunaits. 
Audictux utcnitxrs arc 
welcome to cone :foi|> in 
hccy dresa' 

Saturday ^Ih IX ivmktr at 
2 pm 4 

(hiiritv Gala it 6:3Bptn 
Saturday 14th (tecvmhrr at 
2pm Si 5;>#pm 
Saturday 2 1 si Divciahtrat 
2pm Si S:Mpm 
Santfcn 21ml December Jt 
2pm Sc SiXpm 

briiiMih TerturmmKii: 

linn T* Ihx ember - 

Ihvjfs if* lXvtalHt 
Kciv>mnwmfed ter ages V 

FiAtl frita 
to Mlult . ! |6 Chililrvn St 
Senior CKIahv 
126 fanrilv tidal (4 pcupfcl 
Gala iKrfurmaaa : 125 

mlufcs 1 U* ( hildrcn & 
Senior (iti/xnv 
C?0 funidv ticket 
<2 adults A i vhddrmf 

BonOlBoc 0(20 ttS 4 I $16 

www see nckots coni 
or fhllnw hrk man GLYPTh 
website www glypicod 

the Irwmshed 
51 -53 Worfwkh New Rnml 
I i odun. SfllHtiLS 

Treasure Island 

2 - 22 December 

A new festive family musical!/ 
at The Tramshed, Woolwich 


020 8845 1316 

Thursday 21 

Eltham High Street SE9 

♦ Street performers 

♦ Live stage performances 

♦ Better: Fitness challenges 

♦ Christmas stalls 

♦ Lantern procession 

♦ Fireworks finale 

royal" borough of 



November 5 2013 

GreenwichHomes Edition 364 

Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Choice Based Lettings Scheme 



People on the Housing register are able to bid for all properties, 
regardless of their banding. You must be eligible for the size of 
property and bids will be considered in the following order: 

First Band A, followed by Band B both in priority date order. 

Those in Band C will then be considered in registration date order. 

Please note that there will still be some properties with age 
restrictions so only people of this age group can apply for these. 


A is for applicants in unsatisfactory housing, including 
people moving due to demolition and those 
underoccupying their homes. 

B is for applicants the Royal Borough of Greenwich 
must prioritise according to the law, particularly 
homeless people, and others with an urgent need 
to move for medical or welfare reasons. 

C is for all applicants on the housing register, 

including those that are in priority bands A and B. 

How do I apply? 



Get on the list 

First, you’ve got to be on the housing waiting list to join the scheme. 
If you’re not, register an application on line at 

www. roy algree n wic h .gov. u k 

Find your applicant number 

It will be on the letter you’ve already had from the Royal Borough 
of Greenwich about the new scheme. You’ll need that number and 
the reference number of the property you’re after, which will be on 
the advert. 

Pick out your ideal property 

by looking in Greenwich Time or regularly checking the website: 

Click on your preference on the website. If you don’t have a computer, you 
can always use one for free at either The Eltham or Woolwich Centre or 
a local library. 

Apply in one of three ways 

• Text bidding is now available and the number to use is 07786207913. 
For further information please see page 2, or 

• Phone the 24-hour hotline 020 8921 4340. It’s an automatic push- 
button system and calls will be charged at the normal local rate, or 

• Via the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s website 

The next edition of GreenwichHomes will be available 
on Wednesday 13 November 2013 at midday and will include 
any Housing Association properties when available. Closing date for all 
applications for this issue is midnight on Sunday 10 November 2013. 

24-hour hotline 

The Greenwich Homes 
(Choice dosed Lettings) Telephone 
Bidding Line is avoikible in: 

English 020 8921 4340 

Greenwich Homes (k>cations « au 
choix n) Ligne teiephomque de 
demande disponible en franco's 
en composant le : 

French 020 8921 4330 

Co tan Ouxxng d&y €>au gia ©l$n 
tho^i Greenwich Homes (Tai s4n 
Dvra trnn Sy chpn lya) &: 

Vietnomese 020 8921 4343 

Guryaha Xaafoddo Greenwich 
(Guri ijaar Ku salcyson kalo- 
doorashoo) Khodka Kutartanka 
waxaa laqa heloo: 

Somali 020 8921 4345 

Greenwich Konutlan (Tercihe Dayab 
Kiralik Konul) Teleion lie Teklif Vef me 
Haiti Turkge de aranabiliyor : 

Turkish 020 8921 4347 


zwrww : 

Contone vc 020 6921 4370 

t.iftC'u Q£ittio<v3o- 

Tamil 020 6921 4300 

November 5 2013 


Anyone on 
the housing 
list can 
apply for 

If you are 
bidding for 
houses under 
Band C 
you must 

I child under 
1 6 years 

Ref Number: 182571 

Fishermans Walk 

2 Bed Hse Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£105.11 pw 

Ref Number: 182715 

Prentiss Ct SE7 

2 Bed 2nd Fir Flat 
Unlifted Rad C/H 

£104.82 pw 



Parlour Houses 

3 bed Parlour is 
counted as a 

4 bedroomed 

4 Bed Parlour is 
counted as a 

5 bedroomed 


Ref Number: 181867 

Bostall Lane SE2 

3 Bed Grnd Fir Flat 
Rad C/H 

£100.52 pw 

Ref Number: 182610 

Kidd Place SE7 

3 Bed Hse Gdn 
Rad C/H No Pkg 

£1 19.90 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82758 

Gilbert Hse 
Mcmillan St SE8 

3 Bed Grnd Fir Flat 
Entry phn Rad C/H 

£11 1.38 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82766 

Wolfe Cres SE7 

3 Bed Pari Hse Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£125.87 pw 


Ref Number: 182369 

Byland Cl SE2 

4 Bed 2nd Fir Mais 
Unlifted Rad C/H 

£1 14.90 pw 

Ref Number: 1 8269 1 

Anstridge Rd SE9 

I Bed 2nd Fir Flat 
Un lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H 

£89.96 pw 

Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Choice Based Lettings Scheme 


If you would like to bid by text, 
please use the following Text Bidding 
Number: 0778 620 7913 and type: 

CBL, the property reference 
number and your applicant number. 

The property reference will be on the 
advert and your applicant number is 
on the letter we sent to you when you 
registered for housing. 

A successful bid will look like this: 

CBL 179104 12191 

You will need to do a separate text for 
each property you wish to bid for and 
the text is charged at your mobile 
provider's standard rate. You will 
receive a text response to confirm 
your bid within 5 minutes. 

Ref Number: 1 82759 

Pound Park Rd SE7 

3 Bed Hse Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£1 17.94 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82767 

Dornberg Cl SE3 

I Bed Grnd Fir Flat Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£97.68 pw 

c ■ — —= — " 

Seaside and 

Country Scheme 

This scheme offers one and two bedroom 
flats and bungalows on the Coast and in the 
countryside, in the South East and West of 

In order to be considered you must be: 

• A Council or Housing Association tenant 

• At least 60 years old (if someone is 
moving with you they must be 
over 55 years old). 

Your removal costs will be met if you are a 
Council tenant and you do move to a Seaside 
and Country home.To register, or find out 
more about the scheme, contact the Access 
and Allocation section on Tel: 020 8921 2941 

If you are a Housing Association tenant you 
need to contact your landlord to register. 

Further information is available from the 
scheme management organisation at 

property listings continue overleaf 

November 5 2013 


Choice hotline 020 8921 4340 

Anyone on 
the housing 
list can 
apply for 


Rsl allocations 
policy applies 

to Housing 


over 50+ 
can apply 



Parlour Houses 

3 bed Parlour is 
counted as a 

4 bedroomed 

4 Bed Parlour is 
counted as a 

5 bedroomed 

Ref Number: 1 82778 

St Domingo Hse 
Leda Rd SEI8 

I Bed 9th Fir Flat 
Lifted Entry phn 
Comm G/H 

£103.24 pw 

Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Choice Based Lettings Scheme 

* Tnu 

Ref Number: 1 82768 

Fuchsia St SE2 

I Bed 2nd Fir Flat 
Un lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H No Pkg 

£82.46 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82770 

Rancliffe Gdns SE9 

3 Bed Pari Hse 
Rad C/H 

£129.29 pw 

Ref Number: 182771 

Southend Cres SE9 

I Bed 1st Fir Flat 
Unlifted Rad C/H 
Entry phn 

£95.53 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82776 

Crystal Hse 
Spinel CISEI8 

2 Bed 8th Fir Flat 
Lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H No Pkg 

£100.28 pw 

w * j* 

Ref Number: 1 82779 

Macey Hse 
Thames St SE 1 0 

3 Bed 4th Fir Flat 
Lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H 

£1 16.24 pw 

Ref Number: 182069 

Nightingale Vale 
SE 1 8 

2 Bed 2nd Fir Flat 
Lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/HNo Pkg 

£92.17 pw 

Ref Number: 182122 

Walpole PI SEI8 

3 Bed 2nd Fir Mais 
Lifted Entry phn 

£1 07.60 pw 

i i 

* • i 

- — — 

Ref Number: 182457 

Ravens Way SE 1 2 

2 Bed 2nd Fir Flat 
Un lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H 

£102.08 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82753 

Ada Kennedy Ct 
Greenwich South St 

I Bed Grnd Fir Flat 
Rad C/H 

£101.71 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82756 

Tom Smith Cl SEI0 

I Bed I st Fir Flat 
Lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H 

£1 1 5.43 pw 

Ref Number: 182692 

Walpole PI SEI8 

3 Bed 2nd Fir Mais 
Lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H 

£ 1 07.60 pw 

Ref Number: 182814 

Maryon Gr SE7 

I Bed Grnd Fir Flat Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£81.65 pw 

Ref Number: 182815 

Ritter St SE 1 8 

I Bed I st Fir Flat 
Lifted Entry phn 
Comm G/H No Pkg 

£97.61 pw 

Affordable Housing 

Affordable Housing 

Affordable Housing 

Affordable Housing 



Please note 
any Housing 
advertised in 
this way will 
have a higher 
rent charge 

Ref Number: 182805 

Austen Cl SE28 

3 Bed Hse Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£231.00 pw 

Ref Number: 182810 

Devenish Rd SE2 

3 Bed Hse Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£222.00 pw 

Ref Number: 177479 

Webb Ct 
Attlee Rd SE28 

2 Bed 7th Fir Flat 
Lifted Entry phn 
Rad C/H No pets 

£141.23 pw 

Ref Number: 1 82804 

Church Manor Way 

3 Bed Hse Gdn 
Rad C/H 

£222.00 pw 

If you are 
bidding for 
houses under 
Band C 
you must 

I child under 
16 years 

property listings continue overleaf 

November 5 2013 

si si 

Choice hotline 020 8921 4340 


Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Choice Based Lettings Scheme 



The housingmoves scheme is run 
by the Greater London Authority 
and is aimed at social housing 
tenants who want to move from 
one part of London to another. 

Priority is given to people who: 

• have more bedrooms than they currently need 

• want to move to be closer to employment or 
higher education 

• need to provide care for family members or friends. 
Tenants must have a clear rent account and 
no on-going record of anti-social behaviour. 

Royal borough tenants can register on the 
scheme and bid for council or housing 
association property in other parts of 
London. To register your interest please 

Small is beautiful 

the Under Occupation scheme 

If you are living in a Council property that is too big for 
you, we can help you to move to somewhere smaller. 
The Council will pay your removal costs, and £350 
for each bedroom gained. 

To join the scheme you must be willing to move to a 
home with two bedrooms less than you have now: 

• 3 bedroom to a I bedroom home 

• 3 bedroom parlour/4 bedroom 
to a I or 2 bedroom home 

• 5 bedroom to a 3 bedroom (or smaller) home 

For more information contact the Project Team on 

020 8921 2671 

textphone: 020 8921 2996/2657 

This is what happened to the homes advertised in issue 36 1 






No Of 

Reg date of 
successful app 


Hill House Defence Close SE28 ONQ 






Leamington Court Restell Close SE3 7RD 






Disraeli Close SE28 8AW 






Hatfield House Merryweather Place SE10 8EW 






Pendrell Street SE182PH 






Fishermans Walk SE28 0HD 






Ellison House Lewisham Road SE13 7NB 






Booth Close SE28 8BW 






Greenhaven Drive SE28 8FU 






Rutland House Ogilby Street SE18 5EP 






Whinchat Road Thamesmead SE28 ODP 






Brookhill Close SE18 6UD 








Greenwich Time 

is now being published 
50 weeks a year and is delivered 
to all residents. GreenwichHome 
adverts are included in every issue. 


For information 
or assistance 

Contact our Allocations Team 

on: 020 8921 2941 



November 5 2013 

Newham London 

London Borough of Newham 

Planning Applications submitted by London City Airport 

Public Consultation Period Extended to Midday on Wednesday 18th December 2013 

The following planning applications submitted to the London Borough of Newham are advertised under Article 13 of the Town and Country 
Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010 (as amended) and in accordance with ai other relevant statutory 
requirements ansing pursuant to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation 
Areas) Act 1990 and the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011. 

The notice is 1o advertise that the public 
consolation period rcgardng the panning 
abdications set out below has bean extended from 
28th October 2013 lo midday on Wednesday 1 81h 
December 2013 

London City Airport submitted two interrelated 
punning applications to th* London Borough 
of Newham on 26 July 2013, Id deAver the City 
Arport Development Programme’ (CADPi, these 
applications are referred to as CADPi (planning 
application 13 i 0122S<PULJ and CAOP2 (ptanrtng 
appi cation 13i01373iOUT), 

Application Site London City Airport, 

Hartmann Road. Sifvertown, London, E16 IPX 

Planning Application CADPI; Works to demolish 
existing buildings and structures and provide 
addftonal infrastructure and passenger raciibes at 
London city Airport without changes to the number 
ot perm tied nights or open «ng hoirs previously 
per rn tied pursuant to pfenning permission 
07^0151 (WAR. Detaied planning permisson «s 
being solicit for 

(at Demolition of euustng Duldhgcs and structures. 
(b|4 upgraded aircraft stands and 7 new airmail 
parking stands 

(0 Extension and modification of the ejoefcng 
airfield. including the oraabon of an extended 
taw -lane. 

(di Emergency vehicle access point over King 
George V Dock; 

(e| Repiooement lands de Forecourt to nclude 
vehicle circulatory pick up and drop of areas 
and hard and soft landscaping; 

(f) Eastern Extension to the existing Term rial 
Buiidng {including alteration works to the 
existing Terminal) 

(g)Ccnstructon of a three storey passenger per to 
the east of the existing Terminal; 

<h) Erection of Noise Barriers, 

(l) Western Extension and alterations to the ewst«ng 

(j) Western Energy Centre storage ancillary 
aocommodabon and landscaping 

(k) Farslitabcn Works including temporary coaching 
faulty and extension to the outbound baggage 

<11 Upgradng works to Hartmann Road. 

(m) Pa«»ngor and staff porting car hre porkng 
taxi feeder park and anertary and retaled work 

(n) Eastern Energy Centre. 

(o) Dock Source Heat Exchange System within Kng 
Geer ge V Dock and 

(p) Ancillary and related work. 

This Mafor Other application is aooampamed by an 
Environmental Statement The applicacion does not 
accord with the provisions of the Development Ran 

OFFICER Sunil S shade van 
Ref 13^01 220»'FUL 

Planning Application CADP2 Outline application 
lor erection of a hotel with up to 26C bedrooms, 
ancllary flexib <c A1-A4 floors pace at ground 
floor, rtieebngibonleftsnce facilities logefier with 
associated amenity space, landscaping, plant and 
arcllary works 

This Major Other appi cation is accompanied by an 
Environmental Statement 

OFFICER Sunil Sanadevan 
Ref 13^01 373»Ol/T 

The applicator© can be viewed oniric at 

http /rwww newham gov ukfplanning where you 

wll be able to ‘new the ptees and other documents 
relating to these applications, as well as send us 
your views. 

In addfon members nt the pubic may inspect 
copies of the Environmental Statement and the 
other appJicaeon documents at toe folowng 
locations (the opening hairs listed below are 
accurate at the time of writing) 

North Wootwich Library. 5 Pier Parade. North 
Woolwich, E 1 6 2LJ (London Borough of Newham) 
Ogering hours Vtorday.Tuesday 09.30-17 30, 
Thursday 13.00-20.00. Salurday 09.30*17 30 
CLOSED Wednesday. Friday. Saturday 

Ideas Store Chrisp Street. 1 Vesey Path, East 
India Dock Road, E14 66T (London Borough of 
Tower Hamlets) Opcnng hours: Monday-Thursday 
09 00-21.00 Friday 09 00*1 6 00, Saturday 09.00- 
17 00, Sunday 10 00-16 00. 

Woolwich Library at The Woolwich Centre, 35 

Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18 6HQ i Royal 
Borough of Greenwich) Opcnng hours: Monday* 
Thursday 09 00-19 00. TuesdayiVVednesdaiyiFriday 
09 00-17.30. Saturday 09 00-17 00. CLOSED 

Newham Dockside. 1003 Dockside Road. E16 
20U (London Borough of Newham) - by poor 
appointment only • Contact sunii sahadevang 
newham gov uk or call 020 3373 1423. 

Members of the public may obtain hard copies of 
the Envtonmenta Statement (ES i at a cost of £300 
for each volume (exci postage and packaging) The 
ES Nrxi-Technrjad Summary and a CD Rom version 
orftheES are ava table free of charge by calling 
RPS at 020 7280 3200 

Any person wishing to make representations relating lo the applications should do so online at http'/www newham gov uk/plannng or in 
writing to the officer identified above at Newham Dockside. 1000 Dockside Road. E16 2QU The deadkne for submitting representations 
has been extended to midday on Wednesday 18th December 2013 Please note that representations already recerved regarcfcng these 
applications will be taken into account by the London Borough of Newham as part of the assessment of the applications 

November 5 2013 

SI S3 

Advocacy in Greenwich 

Advococy In Greenwich wank everybody to have rights, choices and 
chances: be afcie to soy what they want and be heard and 1o be part of the 
corrmunity. We wil wort; together with peop'e with barring dscblfies and/ 
or physical d&abi'rfes fa change hie way people think so that we can make 

Sessional Workers - £12 per hour 
Advocate - Parents with a Learning Disability 

• FVoviding cere to one advocacy support to parents with o looming 
dsob4ly In Greenwich 8 crouch 

• Providing advocacy support lo parents with a learning dbaoirty djring 
Chid Protecfcn and Care Proceedings. 

• Providing advococy support to endbe parents to access mainatrean 
parenting support services end specialist services for adutts with a learning 

• You wit be required to wort fleaWy ord ntalf, up to 7 hours per week. 

Group Worker - average up to 7 hrs per week 

• To be avertable to wort across cfl our project supporting people with a 
teaming dkabirty in croatrvtt ways in group settings. 

• To nn able ta wart alongside people with lenrrrg rthabilties supporting 
people to develop sklfc. and confidence to speak up and take on different 
roles within groups. 

• You vsfl need good IT skis lo support peepb to have ther soy end be 
invoked *i efferent woyv 

Both roles require a commitment to working h empowering ways that 
supports people to ma<e choices and changes and be In charge of their 
lives You wl need energy and enthusiasm, good c<vrvriuncat>on sols, 
ftwafollv and an aMfty la think and work creafrvely 

Far an oppicarion pack o rnal 
Claang date X>h November 20 1 3 hferviews week fc>eginnng 2 $th November 


Q n r To read GT online scan 
r> "S | I this QR code or go to 

Paralympics inspires sponsors 

from page 24 C 

next summer for 40-minute matches, 
taking on three in a day. Teams travel 
from areas such as Portsmouth and Kent 
to take part. 

Greenwich’s team, ranging in age from 
10 upwards, has been busy preparing 
at the Waterfront Leisure Centre, on 
Thursdays and Saturdays, under coach 
and organiser Rhea Mackennon. 

A qualified football coach, Rhea also 
has a qualification in wheelchair football 
and has been coaching it for two years. 

“It’s all about having control of your 
chair, being able to mobilise it fully,” she 
explained of the two types of chairs, one 
with big wheels at the back and the other 
with a big wheel in the middle. 

For the 13-player squad, competition 
is just one aspect of the activity for a 
group of participants with a range of 

Rhea said: “It gives them the social 
aspect of life and is about meeting new 
people and being able to do something 
others can do and feel part of a team and 

“It gives them a real sense of 

Sharon Brokenshire, of the South 
London Special League, the umbrella 
organisation which helps run the power 
chair football club, was particularly 
pleased to secure sponsorship from a 
local group. 

“It make it so much more meaningful to 
have a local company supporting us.” 

The Co-op’s Sue Pollock said the 
inspiration to sponsor the group came 
from watching wheelchair sports at the 
Paralympics on television. 

She said: “I said to my colleague Jane 
Downes that the Paralympics had been 
brilliant and asked her how and where 
we could we find somewhere local to 

“She searched on the internet and 
found the powerchair football team and 
we set up meetings with Sharon and 
asked how we could help.” 

Sponsoring the kit was the answer and, 
to raise the money, Sue took on some 
teaching for about three weeks and also 
used some profits from the business. 

And having watched the youngsters at 
a training session she said: “It was really 
good to see the enthusiasm of the kids 
and what they are getting out of it. 

She said: “When they started their 
session they were really quiet, but by the 
end they were really noisy.” 

• For more information about the boxed 
veg scheme delivered by the co-op, 
greenwich-community-food-co-op/, call 
07760 236472 or email boxorders@gcda. 

• For further information about 
Greenwich Powerchair Football contact 
Sharon Brokenshire on 020 83198111. 


Royal Greenwich has appointed Lovell and Asra Housing 
Association to deliver the transformation of the Woolwich Estates: 

• Connaught Estate 

• Morris Walk 

• Maryon Estate 

This will mean the demolition of the three estates to deliver 
new high quality mixed tenure homes; as well as bringing wider 
benefits to local communities. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of the events, which will be 
held at: 

1 . New Charlton Community Centre, 21 7 
Maryon Road, Charlton, London SE7 8DB 
Wednesday 13th 3.30pm - 7.30pm 

2. Greenwich Town Hall, Wellington Street, 
London SE18 6PW Saturday 16th November 
9am - 1 pm 

Lovell have drawn up design proposals for each of the three 
estates, with the intention of putting a planning proposal to the 
Royal Borough’s planning department by the end of the year. 

This is your opportunity to view these proposals and comment on 
the scheme. Any comments can then be considered as part of the 
proposal put forward for planning consideration. 

Two dates have been set aside to hold public exhibitions, 
which will be attended by the architects, Lovell, and Asra 
Housing Association. These people will be able to answer your 
questions on a range of topics including, layout, numbers and 
sizes of homes, their connection to the wider neighbourhoods, 
construction materials, open spaces and car parking. 

The exhibition will be an informal event, allowing you to attend at 
your leisure during the set opening times. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or One Woolwich, FREEPOST 
Peter Brett Associates, SCE 4241 Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8BR. 
Information will also be made available at 


November 5 2013 


| Follow us iDprt frtlD 
To read GT online scan 
this QR code or go to I 

by Ion Lomont 

LET S PLAY BALL!: Members of the Greenwich Wheelchair Football 
team celebrate their new sponsorship deal with Sue Pollock, of 
Greenwich Community Food Co-operative, and Sharon Brokenshire 
of the South London Special League 

A LITTLE veggie power will help youngsters from 
Greenwich Powerchair Football Club compete in 
a south east regional league this season. 

Greenwich Community Food Co-operative, which 
recently began delivering fresh produce to residents as 
well as businesses, has bought a kit for the team. 

The club has entered the Wheelchair Football League, 
which begins in December. 

They will travel to Guildford about once a month until 

Turn to page 230 

Toulouse Skips 

4 - 40 YARD SKIPS 

Prices & Service 

020 8305 9641 

“A Right Royal Service” 

House Clearances 
Pull and Part {A 

• Pine, leather Sofas, Wardrobes, 

I Draper a, Dining Table* etc H 

Auction Service aval labia for aatlquei 

Aube** alee c4eated jg 

Best Prices Paid in Cash 

0208 850 1 0 357jg 



Fur ISO year* tha family butireett he* 
cared toe garden* in the South (aft 

Office: 020 &317 7100 

For enquiries cal: 
Michael Copping M. mst. Hort 
Mobile: 07S31 03227C\ 

Favourite Inn 

(Chinese Restaurant 

[a] rfrcc'lfouTcl 

To malic a mmiHon call i of Coke I 

020 8855 2791 

12 Spray Street, J 
Woolwich SF1 8 6AG L 1 - - - • • , 

Greenwich Time is the official newspaper of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, published to provide news and information about royal borough services, local community groups 
and local facilities. For general royal borough enquiries, call 020 8854 8888. For distribution suggestions or complaints, call the distribution hotline on 020 8940 0666. Published by 
the Royal Borough of Greenwich, The Woolwich Centre, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6HQ. Printed by Trinity Mirror Printing, Watford; distributed by London Letterbox. 11833